Are You A “Weekday Vegetarian?”

Can’t say “goodbye” to your burger yet?  You’re not alone.

Here’s the thing.  Most of us want better health, a better environment and most likely would like to lose some weight!  This is all possible with a plant-based diet.  But for a lot of us, it is difficult to COMPLETELY give up meat.  You may be among them for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you were brought up in B-B-Q (barbecue) country and it’s practically sinful not to LOVE B-B-Q!  In your neck of the woods, people wear T-shirts that say “if God had intended for us to eat broccoli, he would have made it easier to shoot.”  And on and on.  You might LOVE steak!  You might LOVE burgers!

Well, what many people are now striving for is to be a “weekday vegetarian.”  THIS MAY BE FOR YOU!  Why?  You’re not COMPLETELY saying farewell to meat but you CAN gain better health, affect your environment in a positive way and even lose some of those pounds you’ve been trying to drop!

Here’s a very short TED Talk video that you just might be able to identify with…

Source: TED Talk