The Big Fat Truth Is For YOU!

Want to finally make the lifestyle change that can… change your life?

If you need some awesome motivation to lose weight and live a plant-based lifestyle full of healthy choices, then you really must check out Z Living Network’s newest show The Big Fat Truth!  The creator and host of the show is the former executive producer of The Biggest Loser, JD Roth.  He brought in six contestants to the premiere episode from The Biggest Loser who, after the show was over, regained their collective 630 lbs. of weight for a variety of reasons.  Roth gets to the bottom of their issues and helps them reverse things, in a big way!

The second episode is also available online and features school teachers who have reaped the same awesome results as the participants in the first episode!

The show may be on your cable or dish service so check it out or you can also find the full episodes online at the Z Living Network!












Source Image:  Z Living