Could Your Thyroid Be Preventing Your Weight Loss?

Quickly Learn How A Malfunctioning Thyroid Affects Metabolism And Weight Control In This Short Video!

Surrounded by your neck tissues is the organ known as the thyroid.  It’s function is to manage the cells in your body and make sure they’re working as they should.  It uses hormones to deliver messages to all your cells, instructing them when to consume oxygen and nutrients.  That maintains your body’s metabolism – the series of reactions your cells perform to provide energy to your body.


You say you’re pumping good nutrition into your body, drinking water like crazy, exercising well and doing everything you know to do?  BUT, you still aren’t shedding any pounds? Then it just COULD be a correctible thyroid issue.

Watch this Emma Bryce video from TED Ed to see how a MALFUNCTIONING THYROID could be what’s blocking your weight loss efforts and causing your swollen joints too!

Please check it out NOW!


Source:  TED Ed