What Is A Vegan…Really?

Someone on a plant-based diet?  Someone trying to reverse heart disease?  An animal cruelty activist?

Many different answers arise to those questions depending on your perspective.  And like in most things, there are MANY different perspectives.

My perspective is most likely different from yours, because everyone is different.  Although I’ve traveled a great deal, I was born, raised and live in Texas.  Several of my most favorite aromas growing up, and to this day, are BBQ and Mexican food.  And I’ve consumed a LOT of it in my lifetime.  Oh and did I forget to mention the aroma of steak and hamburgers that remind me of a Saturday night cookout with family and friends? Like songs that evoke pleasant memories in my life, certain “smells” of summer rank way up there among other pleasures.  But all that meat (and don’t get me started on fried chicken) is literally all that cholesterol that is now threatening to shorten my life and rob me of precious time with my wife, daughter and other family and friends that I dearly love.  So I now choose to live a “vegan” lifestyle, in that my diet is plant-based.  I eat no animals.  I’m dairy-free and I don’t consume added oils including what many consider “good oils” like olive oil (again, fats) that can interfere with my passionate goal to reverse my heart disease (thank you Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn)!  If I simply say that all Texans love their beef and it is manly or “cool” to pig out when I’m hungry, I’m fooling and robbing myself of the very breath of life.  To say that I don’t want to live if I can’t enjoy the great, tasty indulgences of life, I’m just being dishonest and, frankly, stupid!

Veganism can mean that, like me, you’ve chosen a plant-based diet over the so called “western diet.”  But to others, that may or may not be inclined to activism, it is more about a cruelty to animals issue.  I’m not an activist and I don’t appreciate activists screaming in my face that I should be!  Again, there’s the perspective thing.  I’m not a fan of “career activists” but some of them have all sorts of reasons for choosing that road.  Some would argue that their approach does more harm than good in trying to radically force an opinion or facts on others.  Whether people would listen to their points otherwise is a good question.  But some people just like to jump on bandwagons and yell at each other.  You know who I’m talking about because you know some of them!  But I must say that the more I look into the way our food is sourced, the more and more uncomfortable I get (to say it mildly like a non-activist) with the food industry and its neglect for our world’s health.

I truly believe we are starting to see more individuals (including high-profile celebrities) and corporations make a turn towards “veganism” for a variety of reasons.  Despite the term’s varied interpretations,  the film Vegan 2016 – The Film: A Growing Movement Under Attack takes a recent and very close look at perspectives that should be heard by all.  Just a warning:  it is very graphic!


Please watch  VEGAN 2016 – THE FILM : A Growing Movement Under Attack from plantbasednews.org

Thanks to plantbasednews.org for this informative video!