Cell Phone Warning: Safe For You And Your Children?

Is our closest companion… too close?

So let’s say you are in need of a new “best friend.” We’re talking your smartphone here.   You walk into your neighborhood phone retailer and the salesperson says, “take a look at this beautiful, high-powered marvel of communication… you just gotta have it and, oh yes, it may be hazardous to your and especially your child’s health!”  What do you do?  You’ll probably still buy the thing because you can’t function without it.  How could you possibly exist, otherwise?  But, you’ll be a bit worried because, in the back of your mind, you’re wondering if you’re making a sacrifice that could harm you and your loved ones.

Well, if you live in Berkeley, California, you will now be warned of potential radiation exposure. The Berkeley City Council, in May 2015, unanimously passed an ordinance entitled the Right to Know ordinance.  It requires cell phone retailers to warn their customers that if they carry a phone in very close proximity to your body (shirt pocket, pants or bra), “You may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure” and “The potential risk is greater for children.”

Although there are federal regulations that warn users of the radiation associated with normal cell phone usage, Berkeley is raising the level of concern for its citizens.