What Can Garlic Do For You?

Garlic is the Natural Antibiotic

“It is not really an exaggeration to say that peace and happiness begin, geographically, where garlic is used in cooking.”  – Marcel Boulestin, French chef (1878-1943)


Garlic is a “superfood” because it is high in manganese, a good source of vitamins B6 and C, and contains numerous phytochemicals.

It’s native to the Mediterranean and Syria, but Central Asia now claims the most abundant growing in its wild form.  Garlic was used extensively in ancient times, although giant garlic wasn’t discovered until the 1500s.  Bear’s garlic is another variety that’s native to Western Europe.

Garlic has always been used as a medicinal plant.  Many superstitions are connected with it, the primary one being that it is protection against vampires and evil spirits.

Although the claim that garlic lowers blood cholesterol levels was dismissed due to a large 2007 clinical trial, other benefits exist.


According to MINA Health & Fitness:

Garlic contains almost 80 sulphur compounds. Organic sulphur is famous for its healing and infection fighting ability.  Garlic also contains an extremely powerful sulfuric compound called allicin which is released when ever garlic cells are crushed, bruised or damaged. Allicin makes garlic one of the most popular natural alternatives to pharmaceutical antibiotics.  Like penicillin, garlic’s allicin kills bacteria, fungus, microbes and protozoa in the digestive tract and gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, making it the world’s most effective and most natural broad spectrum antibiotic. It has been proven in the laboratory to kill every bacteria known, and at the same time, unlike antibiotics, it does not harm your important friendly intestinal flora bacteria.

Reports show during World War I the British soldiers chopped it up and put it on as a battle dressing for infected wounds and today, these records show it was more effective than antibiotics. This is an amazing herb. It also kills viruses, fungi and intestinal parasites.

Garlic also kills intestinal worms, parasites and viruses that inevitable make their way into the gut and live there for years if not treated. This zaps your energy and health. Medical treatments for parasites are hopelessly limited, since each medication is only designed to kill one type of parasite.  No one medication can kill them all, and no medication can be guaranteed to kill parasites safely, (except one) and that’s Garlic. The Allicin in garlic also kills intestinal fungus, known as Candida, which overgrows when the diet is high in sugar and carbohydrates, which is the thing intestinal parasites thrive one. When you do a colon cleanse you need garlic to help heal your colon. After removing old fecal matter, no reason to think you do not have old infection, pus, bacteria that needs to be killed before it can harm you.

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