McDonald’s Given The Boot…Finally!

As the saying goes, “Better late than never!”

One of our nation’s top health care institutions, Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, has come to the realization that fast food in their hospital just had to go.  Well, we can say that it’s about time and all, but we still have to applaud hospitals for waking up and doing what’s right for their patients, visitors and employees!  It may not have been as bad as having Ronald McDonald as your cardiologist, but serving junk food, in a place that’s supposed to epitomize a return to good health, has at the very least been hypocritical to many of us.  And yet again, maybe they’re among trend setters?

As reported by Natural Society:

Cleveland Clinic spokeswoman Eileen Sheil said,

“Our goal is to reduce the risk factors that contribute significantly to chronic diseases.”

Well thank you, Cleveland Clinic! Considering that McDonald’s food is full of GMOs, MSG, eggs that are a strange ‘non-egg combination,’ dimethylpolysiloxane (a silicone that can also be found in Silly Putty), and calcium silicate (a sealant used on roofs and concrete), you’ll likely see an immediate improvement in your patient’s health.

Of course finding such ingredients in the fast food giant’s food isn’t so surprising – much of McDonald’s’ food is tainted in more than one way. For example, containing over 70 ingredients, the McDonald’s sought-after McRib is full of surprises — including ‘restructured meat’ technology that includes traditionally-discarded animal parts brought together to create a rib-like substance.  It also contains a little known flour-bleaching agent known as azodicarbonamide.

Maybe this is why the fast food giant is losing money and closing stores across the nation.

In the last six year there have been seven hospitals in our county that have given McDonald’s the boot from their cafeterias.  Cleveland Clinic is #7.  That’s a good small step in the right direction.  Not to throw a wet towel on the happy meal here, but did you know that there are over 5,600 hospitals in the U.S., not to mention the emergency care and healthcare facilities.  Not all of those facilities offer dining options, but you know there’s a long way to go before those “health care” fast food operations disappear!  Well, let’s think positively and keep moving forward, right?

Source:  Natural Society

Image credit: Tony Dejak/AP