Will We WAKE UP And Change Things For Our Children?

Have you by chance visited a theme park lately on a vacation? Maybe you’ve gone to a concert, or a sports event, or a movie, or….  PICK ANYWHERE in this great country of ours where people gather in large or small numbers and you see obese and sick people next to you!  On your left, on your right, in front (ouch) and behind.  And MAYBE in the middle of them too!!!!  It’s definitely an adult problem but, as we’re now all very much aware by now, also a problem for our children.

Some people don’t care what they eat and have no desire to live a healthy life or change in any way whatsoever.  The older you get, however, you’re hopefully smart enough to know you don’t live forever and your best chance of a longer life is to take care of your body!  You don’t like the idea of being separated from the ones you love, so you adopt the mindset of health and wellness.  Not everyone does, but YOU do!

SUGAR is making us fat and killing us as well.  The inflammation in our bodies that it causes leads to disease.  Some of the sugar we consume is in foods that we recognize as sugar laden, such as candy, cakes, etc.  You know these and maybe you’ve even started avoiding them as you should.


But it’s the hidden sugar that’s really causing us to fight an uphill battle.  You may think you’re avoiding the culprit while in reality you’re consuming calories upon calories of unrecognized or unknown forms of sugar.  They’re often hidden by food manufacturers and herein lies a problem, don’t you think?


Have you asked yourself why and how did we end up this way?  What happened?  Have you lived long enough to remember that it didn’t used to be this way?

Hopefully you don’t believe everything is a conspiracy and that everyone should be skeptical of everyone else.  What kind of world would that be in which to live?  But, like the cigarette biz did to our society, the food biz is also deceiving us.  We need help from the industry that helps us eat to fix this worldwide epidemic, but their priorities aren’t ours.  We’ve been TRAPPED and it’s going to be up to those of us who recognize this fact, to free our kids from an early death!

Here’s the scoop (you’re thinking “ice cream” aren’t you?) on where all that sugar is coming from….

sugar in foods infographic

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