This Is Beautiful Yoga… And Spooky (Short Video)

It’s Really Quite Beautiful If You Don’t Freak Out!

Yoga fans, we see right through you!  Ha!  But seriously folks… this is a really cool short video you’ll want to see whether you practice yoga or not.  It’s really quite beautiful if you don’t freak out!  Watch a “skeleton” perform yoga positions and see how the human bones move along with the fluidity of the body and music.

Check it out…

From Hybrid Medical…

A visual study/exploration of the body in motion with a focus on yoga poses.  Our goal for this piece was to create a realistic representation of radiological (x-ray) imaging.  Instead of just creating a still image, however, we wanted to combine the beautiful moves of yoga with this new visual approach to bring the full human skeleton to life.  Technical challenges included aspects such as achieving proper bone densities and representing actual bone marrow inside each individual bone.

Source: Hybrid Medical