Why You Really Could Use A Massage (Infographic)

Healing benefits that you might not have known about!

We’re not JUST talking about the luxurious spa massage on a pleasure vacation here.  There is no doubt that the relaxation aspect of such an experience may possibly be unequalled.  But, did you know that massage treatments have enormous health benefits?  There are many styles of therapeutic massage that have originated in different parts of the world.  Swedish, Sports, Thai, Shiatsu, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Ayurvedic, Lomi Lomi, Balinese and Prenatal are just a few examples of massage treatments available.

Don’t let the various style choices intimidate you like a first timer at a Starbucks!  If you visit a spa on vacation or a day spa in your neighborhood strip mall, you will be greeted by someone who can steer you to the right choice.  Or should we say solution?  What you most likely are looking for is a solution to some sort of ailment from which you suffer.  After an explanation of your ache, pain or other malady (such as high blood pressure or stress) to a practitioner/masseuse, you’ll be on your way to a plethora of health benefits!

This infographic is a great look at massage and explains why you should definitely pursue this road to healing if you can, even if you’re really just enjoying being pampered!  Hey, sometimes that’s all you need to fix a stress problem, right?  You really could use a massage!


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